This is our 5 step work-funnel that we use to help you transfer your ideas and visions into astonishing brands. The flow is always the same, but the scope is shaped upon your individual needs.




Goals of the project, scope and budget



Session in the form of a workshop in which we get all relevant information to create your brand strategy



Picking the right direction on every aspect for your brand look & feel



Visions shaping into tangible tools & assets



Setting sails for the big launch with a brand book with all guidelines to execute your brand strategy with ease

Step 1: Decision

This is the first phase of creating a brand strategy. It’s a conversation about your needs and goals, about the market, competitors, your target audience and their specific needs you are solving. Here we define your expectations from the whole idea of brand strategy, and we get to talk with you about the process, your specific case and the things that we see as very important in developing your brand strategy and market positioning.

This is the most important step of the process since we get to define “where your brand is now” and “where you want it to be”. This meeting’s results should determine the direction of the whole process.

After this phase, and after we agree upon the aims of the project, you get a full proposal that includes all specifications about the deliverables, estimated timeline, production costs etc.

This way, we create a transparent working frame where nothing stays in the dark, and hence we have a good foundation for a fulfilling and relaxed relationship while creating, probably the most important part of your business development.

Also, at this point, we see if we are a good match to go through this important process together.

Step 2: Discovery

The second step of creating a brand strategy is the phase in which we all discover what is your brand’s true purpose, why it exists, what makes it different and unique. This is followed by defining mission and vision statements of the brand and also, values on which relies the whole culture of your brand, by which you take action and make decisions.

Basically, the conversation will include a lot of questions with the goal to spark a conversation and to create Brand Attributes.

Also, we go over the competitors research in order to analyse what are the similarities & differences. The main goal is to create Unique Value Proposition, and also a clear picture about the space to be different and to stand out.

Creating the perfect buyer personas and analysing their demographic & psychographic features is essential in defining the target audience.

Here is where we get creative, but also focused. Customers are the heroes of our story, and we are the guides who help the heroes to solve their problems or meet their needs.

Brand Personality and Voice are all about HOW we are going to behave and communicate, what are our manners. That is mostly dependable on our values & purpose, but also on the needs of our customers. We are here for them, don’t forget that.

And, since every great brand has a story, using the carefully developed wireframe, we are here to help you create yours.

Step 3: Creative Process

Now that we have a lot to work with, the next step is creating 3 stylescapes that elevate what we have discovered in step 2. Those are carefully collected combinations of images, textures, typography, colours, graphic elements to communicate a certain “look & feel” of a brand.

It’s a mood-board on the next level.

We use stylecapes as a bridge between yours and our ideas, to create a perfect direction after the discovery workshop.

Along with the stylescapes, we come out with suggested formulations for your Mission and Vision statements, and carefully defined aspects for Brand Personality and Voice, Storytelling, Messaging and of course the magic sentence – Tagline.

This is the session in which we gather around some first tangible results of creating a brand strategy. We get to discuss and fine tune the direction for the solutions to bring your brand “where we want it to be” as defined in step 1.

After this phase we are ready to develop deliverables with the maximum precision and care.

Step 4: Development

Our design team, marketing experts and brand strategists co-create what will be your full brand strategy.
This contains exceptional teamwork in order to be consistent throughout every aspect of the brand while designing unique, outstanding products that will be the Bible of what your brand is.
This phase is the part where everything we worked on, and discussed, comes into place and gets a shape.

This will be wrapped up in specific guidelines on every aspect of your brand operations:

  • Strategy & Tactics to meet your goals
  • Visual Identity and graphic guidelines
  • Messaging & Communication guidelines (both internal and external)
  • Brand culture book
  • Mission and Vision Statements
  • Unique Selling / Value / Proposition
  • Positioning
  • Key target audience specifics

Onboarding strategy for the new team members *NEW! And you get it for free!

Step 5: Delivery

After our presentation of your brand strategy, and your final approval, we wrap it all up in your Brand Book, containing everything you will use in your further work to make your brand unique, consistent, strong and grow your business.

This should be used as a blueprint for your team, a guide for actions and decisions you are going to make in your business.

Besides guidelines for maintaining consistency, the main thing to follow is specific strategy and tactics, steps and solutions carefully shaped to position your brand at the place we detected as a desired position in step 1.

After delivery, we will be at your disposal for consultancy about specific topics, and you will, if you decide so, get a special discount for this service, as our main goal is to help you stay persistent in implementing Brand strategy, and getting amazing results through your everyday work, and as a result increase your revenue and create brand that will last and be remarkable.

If you have any questions about the process or you need more details, book a free consultation with our brand strategist