What is Employer Branding

What is Employer Branding?

We all do employer branding, whether we do it on purpose or not. We all build a reputation in our industry, within the potential candidates and potential employees. It’s just much better for us, and for our company, to be aware of the process and to build a lasting brand with a strong team behind it, by design.

Why does it matter?

A strong brand is born with a vision of a founder but is living and lasting because of the strong team.

It’s a small world, and it’s getting even smaller as the years pass by. It’s a competitive hiring market out there and brands are struggling to find great employees, keep them and create a lasting, meaningful connection that will help businesses grow.  Candidates are looking for a brand to meet their goals, needs and find the place where they can thrive, and feel good about themselves and their job.

Understanding what makes you a great employer is crucial.

Brands who identify how they stand out in comparison to others in the industry, can consciously communicate these traits with the world and create the team that wins.

Finding the right employees can be a deal-breaker if you are aiming to grow, but that is only the beginning. Your values and goals have to be aligned across the whole team in order to create a long-lasting connection and a company that thrives.

Elements & Steps

How does it work? What do we do and how do we get to create a strategy to build your Employer Brand?

The process of creating an Employer branding strategy includes:

Research & Analysis:

  • Employer brand audit
  • Competition audit
  • Discovering desired employee persona profile & candidates group


  • Employer value Proposition, messaging & positioning
  • Candidate journey mapping


  • Employer Brand Strategy funnel
  • Employer Branding guidelines
  • Employee Onboarding map
  • Brand Culture book

After creating Employer Brand Strategy, you will be equipped with tools, assets, and understanding of how to attract the best people in the industry, how to connect them to the brand, and develop long-lasting relationships in order for the business to grow.

Our approach

We dive into your brand reputation to understand how you’re currently perceived by candidates, why employees like working for you, what your unique value proposition is, and how you can translate it into content that connects with the right people. With an articulated employer brand strategy, you can target and attract desired candidates, keep your current employees engaged, and motivate them by shared values and visions.

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